4 Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

Dog in tub

Bob Oates wants pet owners to beware that there are some pet-related plumbing problems that can arise. If your pet likes to drink from the toilet or if you give them a bath monthly, you should read on and follow these simple tips to help protect your plumbing and your furry friend.

1) Keep Toilet Lids Closed

Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh clean water that is available to them so they can keep hydrated. If there is no water for them in their bowl, they will go else were like the toilet to drink. It can be harmful for your pet to ingest toilet water because of left over chemical residue from cleaners.

2) Use Stoppers Or Strainers

Some pets shed like crazy so when you wash your pet in the tub or sink, be sure to have a drain strainer or stopper in place. This will block animal hair from going down the drain and into your pipes therefore preventing any clogs.

3) Never Flush Cat Litter

Some litters clam to be “flushable” but that really isn’t the case. To avoid clogging your toilet be sure to dispose of it properly by throwing it away in the trash can.

4) Protect Exposed Pipes

If you have any exposed pipes in your home make sure your pets can not get to them. Use house household items to block access to them, so it doesn’t turn into a cat clawing post or a chew toy. This will protect your pipes and your pets.

If you come across any clogs or plumbing problems please give us a call so we can send over one of our professionals to help you out. Also spread the word and share this article with other pet owners who may not know about these lesser known issues.

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