5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2016




The days of fluffy toilet seat covers and mustard yellow tubs are a part of the past and a more sophisticated feel is on the rise. Explore how people are upgrading their bathrooms from small inexpensive projects to bigger remodels.


– Brass –


Brass is reinvented with a modern upgrade. This warmer metal adds a classy contrast and doesn’t blend in like silver does. It’s a little bit more unique and is a great accent for both bathrooms and kitchens.


– Nature –


Elements that you see in nature are now becoming something you see in the restroom. River rock, wood, and stone make for a beautiful and tranquil feel. Adding a few lush and leafy plants is also a great way to incorporate the outdoors, indoors. You can find a list of some of the best bathroom plants here.


– Water Smart –


Fixtures that conserve water conserve money. Shower heads are a great inexpensive way to remodel. This shower head increases water pressure by 200% and saves 30% on your water usage.


– Matte Fixtures – 


This trend actually has been famous for awhile and is still going strong. Metals with matte finish adds for a sophisticated vibe and is one DIY project away from being in your bathroom. Check out these instructions if your interested in this budget friendly restyle.


– Tile –


Tiles have always been popular in bathroom design, but just recently the patterns have become more creative. 3D, chevron and fragment patterns are on the rise. See the other top 10 designs here.



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