Broken Pipes

A broken pipe is a disaster in the making, and it can go unrealized for weeks (or months). If you notice water in your yard, where it wasn’t before, or much higher water bills for no apparent reason, leaking pipes might be the culprit.

Bob Oates sewer and rooter uses a small (non-invasive) video camera inspection of your water pipes looking for the leak, prior to any digging up of your landscaping. We like to find the problem and than find the best solution for YOUR situation. There is no black and white answers to leaking pipes (or anything for that matter), but we know YOUR problem is important to you, and that makes it important to us.

Detecting water leaks ASAP is the best solution, if you feel you might have a leaking underground pipe, give Bob Oates a call, if we can answer over the phone we will.

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