Healthy Pipes

Here are a few simple tips to help keep your  pipes running smoothly:

1. Keep drains free of cooking oil and grease. Do not scrape food and grease from plates into your sink or pipes.  Pour off cooking grease from pans and bake ware into a can. Let it cool before placing it in the trash. If you deep fry  turkey’s in any type of  frying oil and take it to the local household collection facility for free. Many recycle businesses in Seattle will pick it up with your weekly recyclable collection.

2. Beware of the “unflushables.” You see the signs in public restrooms all the time, the same goes for your household pipes. Do not flush thick bulky unflushable items down the toilet. This can seriously damage your sewer lines.

3. Keep your sewer lines free-flowing and root free. You can use a “plumbers snake” to clear out your inside pipes. This unique wire based instrument is sold online and in hardware stores. While it may seem daunting it is a useful tool for clearing out pipes within your home. Another issue living in the Seattle area is that trees grow over your sewer lines you may need to schedule regular visits from a qualified plumber to remove them safely.

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