How Often Should You Repipe The Drains in Your Home in Queen Anne, Seattle?

Repiping is a wonderful way to regenerate your existing pipes to a functional state in spite of a break or other failure. That said, it’s important to understand that’s it’s not right for every pipe problem.

The most common pipes problems our customers see are clogs and simple wear and tear related issues. Whether it’s due to hair in a drain, fats and grease poured down a sink, or some other substances getting in the way of the natural flow of water through them, these sorts of issues can be cleared with a drain snake, hydro jetting equipment, or other basic removal and cleaning services. If you are dealing with a repeated need to clean the same drain over and over again it’s time to schedule an inspection and think about having the system repiped in order to prevent these recurring issues.

The Repiping Process

Repiping involves the insertion of an epoxy pipe liner that coats the inside of the pipe, creating a new one inside the shell of the existing pipe. This new epoxy pipe is seamless and flows cleanly as a result. That means fewer clogs, easier cleaning, and no more leaky fittings as they will have been completely sealed via the new pipe.

Why Repiping Your Drains Makes Sense

It makes sense to do a repipe when you are having problems with the pipes in your home, but don’t want to deal with the messy expense of tearing into your walls or floors. Simply put, repiping is the same as replacing the pipes in your property, but can be done through a far simpler and cheaper process. If this non-invasive process seems like a good fit for you and your home call us to learn more. Bob Oates is located in Queen Anne but we service the entire Greater Seattle area. 

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