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  • "Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. If only more service companies operated like this!"

    David D. Seattle WA
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Seattle Frozen Pipes

Every so often in the winter months Seattle sees a cold snap. If that cold snap drags on for some time we often see frozen pipes in Seattle. Frozen and burst pipes calls flood in and we a scrambling to deal with thawing pipes out or repairing burst pipes. If you are having a frozen pipe emergency please contact us fast as possible so that we can handle the problem quickly and prevent any further pipes from freezing and bursting in your home or business.

Frozen pipe prevention.

Being prepared for times when freezing weather settles in on the area is the best way to prevent the problem of pipes freezing and splitting.
Having your pipes in crawl spaces protected by wrapping them with pipe insulation is one way to slow the freezing of the water in them.

Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets to prevent the transfer of cold from a frozen hose to the inside of your building.

Cover outdoor faucets, inexpensive covers are available at hardware stores.

Drain your irrigation pipes in preparation for winter.

Cover foundation vents for the winter(only).

Know where your main water shut-off valve is in case a pipe burst you can then turn the water off and prevent water damage.

Keep your home or business heated adequately in most cases 55 degrees or above will help prevent or at least slow down the freezing process.

Keep cupboard doors under sinks open during extended cold snaps to keep them warm.

If you have taken all these steps and notice part of your pipes are frozen or see a split or burst area of pipe the contact us immediately and we can send one of our plumbers to carefully thaw to prevent damage or get a repair done before flooding and water damage can occur.

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