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Greenwood Trenchless Sewer Repair

At Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter, we are fully committed to providing our customers in Greenwood the best trenchless sewer repair solutions in the industry. Not only do we save our customers money with our services, but we also ensure that our repairs are completed without needing to dig a single trench.

When we arrive on your property to solve the problem your sewer system is having, we take our time to accurately diagnose and locate the problem. Our trenchless technologies allow us to conduct an inspection of the sewer lines from the inside so that no property damage is created, as well as ensuring that the solutions we recommend will be effective. We use high-quality cameras to travel through the sewer lines, exposing problems such as clogs, tree root infestations, cracks, leaks, and possible breaks in the lines. With the necessary information, we can recommend trenchless sewer repair solutions with confidence. Speculation is eliminated, allowing our customers to fully trust in all of the work we do.

Our trenchless sewer repairs are popular because they can be applied to fix any sewer line problem. In addition to being the solution for many issues, our trenchless-based repairs can be used to rehabilitate any type of pipeline material installed in your home, including PVC, cast iron, clay, steel, ABS, Orangeburg, and much more. This solution is versatile and practical while also being eco-friendly and affordable. The new pipe is installed within the existing structure of the older pipe, and as a result, this allows the new pipe to seal away the presence of leaks, cracks, and holes by fixing it from the inside.

Before we install the new pipe, we make sure the current sewer line is cleared of any debris and materials that may be trapped in the line through a process called hydro jetting. We use pressurized water to disintegrate sludge, grease, and food particles while simultaneously renewing the original, smooth diameter of the sewer line. With the pipe completely cleaned, it will be ready to have the epoxy resin installed. A liner coated with the resin is inserted into the pipeline, strategically placed to cover areas of damage as needed. Once it is in place, the liner is expanded with an artificial bladder that forces it to fit along the sewer line diameter, and the resin is transferred from the liner to the inside of the pipeline. After the resin is applied and coating the problem areas, the liner is deflated and removed, allowing the resin to cure for a few hours or more. The resin, once if completely hardens, acts as the new pipe, and its smooth, seamless texture ensures the water flow will be efficient and much less likely to become trapped in the sewer line.

Here at Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter, we restore your sewer system quickly and at an affordable price. Repair costs are reduced since extra labor crews and machinery isn’t required, keeping your home intact during the entirety of our repairs. Our trenchless sewer repairs provide your home with security by preventing recurring problems from occurring, and with the new pipe’s high resistance to water acidity, corrosion, tree root intrusions and calcification, your new pipe will serve your home efficiently for at least fifty years or more. For more information about the benefits of trenchless sewer repair and how we can help you, call our team today!

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