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Old Ballard Washington Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is the better version of traditional sewer line repairs that solves time, budget, and efficiency constraints. Traditional methods involve having to bring heavy machinery to dig up your yard to get to the problem pipe. Today, all you need to do is to call Bob Oates for a no-dig solution that’s resolved in a matter of hours. We have invested in the latest equipment to bring you the most convenient repair in Old Ballard.

Trenchless technology utilizes sewer camera inspections in order to see what’s going on inside your sewer lines. Our expert technicians will take note of essential information such as the scale of the problem, the root cause and the exact location of the issue. We then formulate a solution based on precise and reliable on-screen data.

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining is the preferred method of trenchless repair. In the process, a liner is coated with a special epoxy resin that is introduced to the sewer line. The special resin has excellent properties such as being able to withstand acidic water and calcium buildup. This is unlike copper piping, which releases contaminants into the water supply due to increased age and corrosion. To install this liner, two access points are dug on your property grounds, and one access hole will serve as the entry point and the second hold being the exit. The inflatable liner is filled with hot air or water once it’s in position in the pipe. The liner expands and adheres to the inside of the ailing pipe, allowing the epoxy resin to evenly coat the walls. Once the resin hardens after a few hours, a new, stronger pipe is formed in its place.

At Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter, our team is trained to employ other trenchless methods depending on the situation. The inversion method of pipe lining employs the use of gravity and air to position the liner and make it adhere to the inner pipe circumference. The tube is inverted inside out and the process can repair hundreds of feet of broken pipe in one go. Heat forces the epoxy resin to harden at a hastened rate and become the new pipe. Pipe bursting is a pipe replacement method that also doesn’t require extensive digging, and is often recommended in situations when the faulty pipe is completely collapsed or broken in sections. The broken pipe is burst apart while the new pipe is installed in its place. The bursting head drags the new pipe behind it while it breaks apart the old pipe, allowing the new pipe to be simultaneously laid in place while the old pipe is fractured apart.

Here at Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter, we will recommend the ideal trenchless solution based on your unique circumstances. Everything will be based on how the camera inspection went for a 100% accurate diagnosis. There’s virtually zero disruption on your daily life and work schedule. A final camera inspection is carried out using the latest HD camera to ensure that the fix is completed and your sewer lines are back in working order. The new material is durable enough to resist leaks or cracks, prevent corrosion, and ensure that clogs will be less likely to form due to its smooth, jointless qualities.

Call Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter the moment you start hearing unusual gurgling sounds or a noxious, sewer-like smell coming from your drains. If you’re tired of having to deal with constant backups, our trenchless sewer repairs are the answer you’ve been looking for. Take action today so you won’t have to deal with emergencies tomorrow!

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