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  • "Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. If only more service companies operated like this!"

    David D. Seattle WA
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    Why Cleaning Your Sewer Is Important

    Sewer lines help transport waste water from your home into underground sewer mains. Most homeowners give little thought to their sewer lines until a issue arises. Sewer lines should be inspected before they cause a major headache. A clogged sewer might be unseen, but if the problem goes untreated it could cause extensive damage inside and outside of your home. Sewer line clogs […]

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    3 El Niño Plumbing Tips

    The powerful El Niño storm has already brought in heavy rainfall and flooding to the Pacific Northwest and the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center reported there is a 80% chance that El Niño will extend into the early spring. El Niño brings in heavy precipitation to drier areas that typically don’t see a lot of rain. […]

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    5 Plants That Ruin Sewers

    Plants can make a property more beautiful and improve its personality and atmosphere. No wonder so many homeowners put a great deal of thought into deciding which plants to add to their yard. However, many people fail to consider a crucial aspect of any planting decision for their property: whether or not the plant in […]

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    Healthy Pipes

    Here are a few simple tips to help keep your  pipes running smoothly: 1. Keep drains free of cooking oil and grease. Do not scrape food and grease from plates into your sink or pipes.  Pour off cooking grease from pans and bake ware into a can. Let it cool before placing it in the […]

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    WaterJetting Services

    Grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of commercial drain line blockages. Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter high-pressure water jetting service can help you clear this sediment by: Penetrating and emulsifying grease Breaking up sludge and debris Pulverizing roots Cutting out hardened scale Flushing out the system Cable machines are used to remove […]

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