Top 4 Reasons To Become a Plumber

Become_a_PlumberPlumbers are an important link in the trade field. They do much more than unclogging drains and installing new shower heads. They maintain and protect the health of the nation through different types of plumbing systems found in residential and commercial properties. Read on if you or some one you know is interested in becoming a plumber.


1) Demand

Employment for plumbers is projected to grow 12% from 2014 to 2024, faster than other average occupations. Construction of buildings which need new plumbing systems should drive demand for these workers as well as repairing aging pipe systems.

2)  Stability

Becoming a plumber offers you nationwide opportunities. Also the urgency makes for excellent job security but you might be working more than 40 hours per week & might be on call for nights and weekends. . Click here to see what states have above average opportunities.

Plumbers pay

3) Pay

Pay rates for apprentices usually start at 50% of the experienced worker’s rate, and increase by 5 percent every six months until a rate of 95 percent is reached. They can make any where from $27,980 to $82,512 according to PayScale’s salary survey.

4)  Benefits

Many plumbers that work for an employer or becomes part of a union can expect to receive many great benefits for themselves and their family.

*Bonus you wont have to hire a plumber ever again because you will have the skills to take care of the problem yourself.

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