Why Is “In-Place” Pipe Lining Better Than Replacing the Pipes?

Before and after Nu Drain 2

Nu Flow’s patented technologies restore corroded or eroded piping systems without the costly expense and disruption from a traditional pipe replacement. During a typical repipe, the failed pipes are removed, which causes destruction and inconvenience to the property. Replacing the pipe does not extinguish the root of the problem, so the new pipe system will inevitably suffer the same fate. That is why Nu Flow’s blown-in and no dig pipe liners are the preferred, long term solutions.  All drain lining restoration work performed includes a full 10 year installation guarantee. The lining installed for drain and vent applications has a life span of approximately 50 years.

Examples of Applicable Pipe Systems are:

•Mains, Horizontal Laterals, Vertical Stacks

•Sanitary Systems

•Storm/Roof Drains

•Vent Systems

•Processed/Industrial/ Chemical Piping

•Other Waste Systems

•Elbows, Ts and Wyes

•3/4″ to 12″+ Diameter Pipes

•Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Federal Properties.

The pipe cleaning process is safe and simple. It does not use toxic chemicals or mechanical devices. This patented pipe lining method utilizes a closed system, safe for use inside building and their surroundings. It can be used on a variety of pipe materials, which includes clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC and fiberglass. Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter is a certified installer of Nu Flow technologies. Contact us today if you would like us to help reline your old pipes, we serve in and around the greater Seattle area.

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